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Certification for conditioning equipment

Federico Simeoni (Udine, 28 november 2014)

Dear all

We produce industrial chillers and conditioning plants. We have just a RosTest GOST certification for our products. Certification is valid up to end of 2015. Now our customers ask us if it is possible to replace the GOST certification to EAC (EurAsian Conformity) mark. Now I want to know if it is possible do that and what kind of new documentation are requird. Moreover I want to know if EAC mark include GOST mark or I need to have two differents marks?

Thank you in advance
Federico Simeoni

Julia, +7 (812) 507-63-16,

Dear Federico,

Correct, now these products are objects of obligatory certification according Technical regulations of Customs union (TR CU). Please send us technical specifications for all lists of products and their HS (customs) code.
After getting all necessary certificates TR CU you should use only EAC-marking.
We'll be waiting for additional information for calculation from you.