Fire safety declaration

Fire safety declaration is used as a proof of the goods’ conformity with the fire safety regulations that are stipulated in the Technical Regulations (as of 2009). The same is true for fire safety certificate. These documents are issued by the local department of the Emergency Control Ministry of Russia (EMERCOM) based on the tests performed by the applicant or EMERCOM labs. Fire safety certificate can only be issued based on the official tests by EMERCOM labs, which is evidently due to the area of responsibility. When a fire safety certificate is issued, it is the EMERCOM who is responsible for the information in the certificate, whereas it is the applicant who is responsible for the information in the declaration.

The full list of goods and services that are subject to fire safety conformity with the standards stipulated in the Federal Law on “Technical regulations for fire safety” is available in the Resolution #241 as of 2009. The same Resolution stipulates the procedure of declaration and certification of goods. To learn more about it, please contact ROSTEST certification center, it’s free and there’s no obligation. EMERCOM Decree #91 as of 24.02.2009 also stipulates a list of goods that need to be declared or certified.

 Fire safety declaration is used to inform consumers about the fact that the goods meet fire safety regulations. This is why the following parameters are evaluated in the fire safety testing: inflammability, smoke emissions, toxicity level and others.

 A full list of Technical regulations, goods’ description, fire safety evaluation and possible damage has to be included in both, fire safety declaration, and fire safety certificate. Fire safety declaration is filled out by the applicant (including the test sheet), unless the process of declaration was delegated to an accredited third party. ROSTEST certification center guarantees high-quality and prompt services.

Fire safety declaration has to be included into the State Registry.