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Laptop shipping.

Liza Stickley (England - West Midlands, 30 march 2016)

we need to ship a laptop to a customer in moscow for us to carry out a paid engagement and also return the laptop to the UK. please could you advise as to what we require to do this.

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Documents for alternative energy source panels

Maria (Latvia - Riga, 22 january 2015)


I would like to export alternative energy sources panels to Russia through an agent. What is the steps instructions for this direct export? Which documents is needed?

Thank an advance,


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Certification for conditioning equipment

Federico Simeoni (Udine, 28 november 2014)

Dear all

We produce industrial chillers and conditioning plants. We have just a RosTest GOST certification for our products. Certification is valid up to end of 2015. Now our customers ask us if it is possible to replace the GOST certification to EAC (EurAsian Conformity) mark. Now I want to know if it is possible do that and what kind of new documentation are requird. Moreover I want to know if EAC mark include GOST mark or I need to have two differents marks?

Thank you in advance
Federico Simeoni

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Voluntary certificate for pressure gauges

Martina Malychova (Trencin, 12 november 2014)

Hello, we are a company for producing pressure gauges. Our factory is in China and commercial office is in Slovakia. We need the certificate GOST 2405 to export our pressure gauges to Russia.
Please, would you give us advise and more information about the process of obtaining this certificate?

Best regards

Martina Malychova

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EAC Certification and Declaration

Raiya Tadokoro (Saint-Petersburg, 9 april 2014)

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Raiya Tadokoro.
I am working for Intertek Japan and in charge of EAC approval applications.
I am looking for any good certification body to obtain EAC CoC/DoC in Russia.

Would you please let me know following information?
[1] Fee structure to obtain EAC CoC/DoC
[2] Lead time
[3] Necessary documents.
[4] Necessary sample number.
[5] Annual maintenance fee for CoC/DoC
[6] Factory inspection will be required every year?

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,
Raiya Tadokoro(Ms)
Intertek Japan K.K
2-3-18 Namamugi, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama
230-0052 Japan
+81 (45) 508-6743 (Direct)

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