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Certification of alcoholic beverages

Laura Strupisa (Riga, 20 may 2013)


Id like to know, what certificates are necessary to export alcoholic beverages to Russia from Riga. Is it only GOST R?

Thank you,
Laura Strupisa

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Certification of dried dates

Pol Norsgrenn (Stavanger, 25 march 2013)

Tell me, what certificates are necessary to dried dates?

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Certificate for machines

Jack Lindsen (Lisbon, 26 february 2013)

Hi, need advice on obtaining Russian certificate for woodworking machines. What documents do I need to send you?

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Certificate for the toothpaste

Helen Amstell (New York City, 9 january 2013)

Hello, I need to issue a certificate of quality on the toothpaste to sell it in Russia. What do I provide the documents for this?

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Certificate for olive oil

Janet Vann (Delft, 30 october 2012)

Hello, what certificates are needed for the implementation of the olive oil in Russia?

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